Regionals and Groceries and Bears (oh, my!)

Deborah Harrington traveled to the Gatlinburg Regional in April, but she arrived a few days before her teammates in order to attend a director’s course before the tournament officially started. The day she arrived, she took her team’s grocery list to the store and then went to check in at the cabin that she and her teammates had rented for their stay.
The cabin had a keypad lock, so Deborah got out of car to enter the code and open the door. When she went back to the car, however, papa bear was in the back seat of the car with the groceries. She called the management company for advice on what to do, and they suggested rattling pots and pans. Deborah tried it, but it only succeeded in bringing mama bear and baby bear to the car. So she called the management company to ask for Plan B, and they told her to sound the car alarm using her car keys. It was then that she remembered that the keys were in the car. Because she knew she needed to recover the keys,      Deborah ran screaming to the car, retrieved the keys and sounded the alarm. The bears lumbered off after drinking all the sodas and eating pancake mix, chocolate chips and other snacks. Worst of all, they sprayed Deborah’s car with PAM cooking spray. They left the broccoli!
Deborah’s mom and her teammates got a blow-by-blow account as they arrived later, and her mom even tried to download a “bear bell app” to frighten off future thieves, but all was well when they got to the cabin.
Prior to the trip, the group had read about the dangers of bears, but Deborah said she and her mom were from California and were not afraid of bears. Her mom begs to differ!

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