MALBC membership approves club relocation

After a week of voting (either by email or in person), the final result regarding the possible move of the M.A. Lightman Bridge Club was announced Oct. 30. The decision by the members was to move the club to 8180 T&B Boulevard in the Southwind area of Memphis. The tally was 126 in favor and 78 opposed to the move.
The M.A. Lightman Board of Directors wants to assure all club members that the new location will be a warm, inviting place for the entire Memphis bridge community. To assist with these efforts, two more individuals have been welcomed to the Lightman Board.  Tony Greene and Richard Oshlag are the newest members of our Board.
Next month’s newsletter will include much more information regarding our new facility and an approximate timetable for the move. We want to thank all of you who participated in the voting process. The Board welcomes all suggestions on how to make the new site a place where all of us can continue to gather together and enjoy this fascinating game.

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