Grand Opening of New Lightman Bridge Center

There were four-suited signs pointing the way to 8180 Sedgwick Way on Tuesday, July 30. There were the requisite “oohs and ahhs” of many who had not yet seen the size of the main playing area, three walls of windows, the accent color of teal/turquoise/whatever, the engaging abstract painting, or the perfectly-coordinated kitchen/dining area that is the heart of any bridge center. There were red, black, white and yellow(?) balloons on the ceiling (until two or three were loudly extinguished, thus waking up several bridge players with zero-point hands). There was a rousing ribbon-cutting ceremony, complete with the acknowledgement of myriad individuals who worked like proverbial dogs to make this day possible. This was then followed by champagne, which helped lessen the aches and pains of weeks of physical and mental exertion. There were a couple of crazy cooks in the kitchen, slinging salads and sliders with total abandon, because a resplendent lunch buffet more than makes up for a morning of missed slams and miscommunications. There was a director who had officiated over the previous day’s game, so she was rapidly mastering the ins and outs of a new environment. There were the same bridge tables, chairs and drink stands as before; but somehow they all looked shiny and new. And most importantly, there was a feeling of pride and comradery that truly made the new Lightman Bridge Center feel like what it is: our new home!

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