Live Bridge Returns to Memphis Clubs!

Lightman Bridge Center
Beginning Wednesday, June 16, Lightman will have 3 in-person games per week:
9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Open
1:30 p.m. Friday, Open
1:30 p.m. Saturday, Open
Other games will remain online.
Vaccinations required, but masks are optional.
Our in-person game schedule is coordinated with the New Orleans club to allow us to remain in our virtual club.
We Miss You!
Please plan now to join us Wednesday, June 16. More details to follow.
Questions: Sharon Ohsfeldt, 901-590-7946,

Germantown DBC
Germantown DBC is returning to face-to-face bridge on Wednesday, June 2!
Play will be held at the Pickering Center, 7771 Poplar Pike, Germantown.
We will offer 2 games:
Wednesday 10 a.m., Open
Thursday 10 a.m., Limited (1000 MP)
Coffee/Water will be provided. Bring your own snacks.
Virtual games will continue to be available wherever you want to play.
Questions: Diane Dillman, 817-291-8462,

Midtown Memphis Bridge Club
Live in-club games resumed in April:
Monday, 10 a.m.
Friday, 10 a.m.
Games held at Lindenwood Christian Church in our normal club room.
We will have a strict regimen for COVID-related considerations as follows:
All players must have their COVID vaccinations;
The latest CDC guidelines allow us to NOT wear masks if all players are vaccinated. We will have face shields for those who want them.
Hand sanitizer will be at each table.
Each player will be given a bid box for the duration of each session.
Only one player at each table will handle the scoring device.
Each player will have their temperature taken at the entrance.
Each player will be required to sign a release for the club and the church.
The games will be Mondays and Fridays until further notice.
The games will begin at 10am, they will be ACBL-sanctioned open stratified and be the
standard 22-28 boards, depending on attendance.
Please email your intent to attend to: or
or call 901-581-9955

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