Live Bridge Returns to Memphis Clubs!

Lightman Bridge Center
July 29 – August 1
1:00p Fri Open
1:00p Sat Open
1:00p Mon Open


9:45a 499er (18 boards) M, W, F, Sa Su
9:45a 199er (18 Boards) Thu
9:45a 0-750 (18 boards) Tu, Thu
9:55a 1999er(18 boards) M, W, F (except NAP days)
9:55a 0-2500 (18 boards) (NAP Days only)
10:00a Open (18 boards) M, Tu, W, Thu, F, Sa, Su
1:15p 299 (18 boards) M, W, F, Sa
1:15p 499er (18 boards) Tu & Th
1:25p 1999er (18 boards) Tu & Th (except NAP days)
1:25p 0-2500 (18 boards) Tu & Th (NAP Days only)
1:30p Open (18 boards) M – Sat
2:00p Swiss (20 boards) Su only
7:00p 299er (18 boards) Tu, W
7:00p Open (18 boards) M, T ,W
7:00p Open (20 boards) Swiss, Th
7:15p 199er (18 Boards) M & Th

Questions: Sharon Ohsfeldt, 901-590-7946,

Germantown DBC
Germantown DBC is returning to face-to-face bridge on Wednesday, June 2!
Play will be held at the Pickering Center, 7771 Poplar Pike, Germantown.
We will offer 2 games:
Wednesday 10 a.m., Open
Thursday 10 a.m., Limited (1000 MP)
Coffee/Water will be provided. Bring your own snacks.
Virtual games will continue to be available wherever you want to play.
Questions: Diane Dillman, 817-291-8462,

Midtown Memphis Bridge Club
Live in-club games resumed in April:
Monday, 10 a.m. (Open)
Friday, 10 a.m. (Open)
Christian Central Church, 531 S. Mclean Blvd., Memphis TN 38104
Joyce Stone 901-363-8693

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