The Unit 144 Board Election will be held Nov. 13-18, 2021. The election will be via email and mail-in ballot. An email will be sent out Nov. 13 with a link to the electronic ballot. Both the electronic and mail-in ballot voting close Nov. 18. You must be a member of ACBL in good standing to vote, that is, your ACBL dues must be paid.

Unit Nominating Committee Chair Ann Caldwell and members Sue Ray, Barb Woodard, Gail Walzer and Martha Shapiro are proud to present the following candidates for the Unit 144 Board. Those elected will serve a 2-year term:

Tom Ebers
Sean Gallagher
Sheryl Gordon
Larry Jackson

Two (2) of our current members are not running for re-election (Barbara Johnson and Bill Demetriou). Incumbent Tom Ebers is running for re-election.
You MUST vote for at least TWO but not more than THREE of the above candidates. If you have any questions or concerns call Barbara Johnson at 901-396-9356 or Sue Ray at 901-218-9281.

Any member without an email address can get a mail-in ballot by calling Bill Demetriou at 901-355-5283 and leaving your name and mailing address. These ballots should be returned to Sue Ray at 7268 Mont Blanc Dr., Germantown, TN 38138 on or before Nov. 18 with your ACBL player number. Members sharing the same email address who receive only one ballot may also call Bill Demetriou to get a mail-in ballot. When voting, no names are required, only your ACBL player number.

This Notice is also being mailed to all members without an email address.

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