New Etiquette/ZT Policy begins March 5 at MALBC

The M.A. Lightman Board of Directors recently approved a new Etiquette/Zero Tolerance Policy which goes into effect March 5. Several informational classes will be held for interested players. For general details and class times, click HERE .
For specifics of the new ZT policy, click HERE .

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Intermediate & Newcomer Player News

Up and Comers:Bridge cruise, anyone?
The snow was already coming down when cellphones started ringing frantically among the small group of bridge friends.
“They say the roads will be iced over tomorrow. How are we going to get to New Orleans?”
“Shoot. Should we leave today?”
“Today? I’m not even packed yet.”
“Well, we could cancel I guess.”
“Alright, guess we better leave today. Let’s start packing.”
Five hours later, the friends piled in one very full automobile-cum-van-cum-SUV and drove all afternoon through the hazardous weather to Jackson. The next day, Sheryl Gorden, Meryl Rosen, Susan Schwartz, Debbie Jackson and Stacy Hancock drove to New Orleans to embark on their long-anticipated bridge cruise through the temperate waters of the Western Caribbean.
The cruise was put together by, a company that offers bridge cruises at surprisingly reasonable prices. Sheryl, a frequent cruiser and bridge cruiser, had taken their cruises before with Meryl, but it was the first time she had sailed with so many friends.
“Everyone was just wonderful. The people on the ship and in the bridge portion of the cruise were delightful. We all had a great time.”
The ladies played once or twice a day in the afternoon and evenings, but skipped the lessons, preferring to do shore excursions or have girl time. They chatted about all sorts of things – learning about each other’s lives, telling stories, and (dare we say it?) gossiping a bit about you-know-what. In one memorable interlude, Debbie explained to her friends how she managed to get into a parking lot, but couldn’t get out. She used the chop sticks, utensils, and salt shakers on the table to demonstrate her dilemma. I still think this has to defy the laws of physics, but Sheryl assured me that it could indeed happen.
As for shore excursions? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the favorite shore excursion for a passionate cook like Sheryl was the Salsa and Salsa tour on Cozumel – a mix of salsa-making and salsa dancing. These ladies sure know how to have fun!

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Inclement Weather Policy


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Welcome to Tennessee Bridge Association

The Tennessee Bridge Association is Unit 144 of the Mid-South Bridge Conference District 10 under the ACBL.
All club games mentioned on these pages are ACBL-sanctioned.
If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the Tennessee Bridge Association, which is housed in Memphis’s largest club, M.A. Lightman Inc., at (901) 324-3889 or (901) 324-3880. You may also e-mail

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