Rank Changes

Congratulations to the following Unit 144 members who have advanced to the next masterpoint level!

October 2019

Junior Master (5 MPs):

Judy Brantley, Memphis TN
Asha Kedia, Germantown TN
Benwari Kedia, Germantown TN


Club Master (20 MPs):

Michael Nussbaum, Memphis TN


Sectional Master (50 MPs):

Leonard Dunavant, Germantown TN


NABC Master (200 MPs):

Gordon Goldsmith, Germantown TN


Advanced NABC Master (300 MPs):

Harriet Thomas, Germantown TN


Life Master (300/500 MPs):

Mary Gail Sutton, Collierville TN 
Richard Sutton, Collierville TN 


Bronze Life Master (500 MPs):

Joyce Graflund, Memphis TN


Silver Life Master (1000 MPs):

Jaya Gala, Germantown TN
Bennie Marsh, Memphis TN


Ruby Life Master (1500 MPs):

Gina Galbraith, Memphis TN