Rank Changes

Congratulations to the following Unit 144 members who have advanced to the next masterpoint level!

August 2017

Junior Master (5 MPs):

Donna McBryde, Memphis TN
Richard McBryde, Memphis TN
Ernestine Reser, Memphis TN
Geraldine Sykes, Memphis TN

Club Master (20 MPs):

Sonya Fleck, Memphis TN

Sectional Master (50 MPs, at least 5 Silver, 10 Black):

Luke Fleck, Memphis TN

Regional Master (100 MPs, at least 5 Red/Gold/Platinum, 15 Silver and 15 Black):

Patti Oliver, Collierville TN

NABC Master (200 MPs, at least 5 Gold/Platinum, 15 Red or Gold/Platinum, 25 Silver and 20 Black):

Danna Jo Matthews, Bartlett TN

Silver Life Master (1000 MPs):

Sherry Thaxton, Memphis TN

Gold Life Master (2500 MPs):

Sam Graham, Germantown TN
Joyce McMonagle, Cordova TN
Donna Touliatos, Memphis TN

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